From internal lab project to national scale, AndGo brings a modern and exciting look at corporate wellness not only in design but in function.


AndGo started as an internal lab project at Andculture to encourage the company to get out and excercise in new and different ways and also add a little healthy competition between departments. The Jawbone UP was our device of choice at the time because of their easy to use and robust API. Results would be pulled throughout the day and displayed on a large television in our main office area. So the initial design was for a dashboard that would be displayed, not interacted with, while also then creating a separate view for desktop and eventually mobile.

An exciting thing about internal projects is that interation is the name of the game. New views, visualizations and features could be added whenever we found necessary. However the downside to internal project is that they inevitably have to take a back seat to client work as some point. AndGo was a casualty of that until Andculture decided to take the concept and market it as a product externally. So after a brief hiatus, AndGo was back.


AndGo has recently gone into beta with a large national food chain. We have deeply integrated with Strap to connect to the fitness trackers, aggregate the data and use it to engage with the users through the challenges and visualizations. Looking towards the future we hope to add more customizable options for the individual companies and users such as choosing primary and secondary colors and background images for the dashboard.

By partnering with this initial company through the beta, we are beginning to recieve the feedback we need to really take the product to the next level. Having the opportunity to go from internal project, to marketable product, to a live beta has allowed for a perfect storm of iteration.



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