As other industries forge forward into modern web design and conventions, why not healthcare?


PinnacleHealth System needed a web refresh both in design and information architecture. Without overstepping political and organizational barriers, content was completely rewritten and the way in which users found and accessed that information was completely revamped. Unlike many other types of websites such as Facebook, health system site traffic centers around a visitor’s desire to conduct a specific transaction or task. Because of this, the new website for PinnacleHealth System was structured to accommodate the fact that users are coming to the site for very specific reasons.

User intent was extremely transactional and the IA for the new site reflected that. By pairing a robust search functionality with a navigation of common transactions, users are able to complete the transactions of their choice, quickly.

A secondary focus was showcasing the answers and information surrounding “Why PinnacleHealth?” By providing that in differing forms such as accolades, testimonials and in-depth information about procedures the user experiences a balance of personal and professional interactions.


Before beginning the design phase, a workshop was held with the PinnacleHealth website team and a handful of physician marketing coordinators. Our goal was to understand their vision and develop a design strategy that would position PinnacleHealth as a leader in healthcare.

It was extremely important that the new site not look like any other healthcare system website. This immediately opened so many doors in terms of layout and design.

Certain conventions such as tone and hierarchy found their way to the forefront of the design and layout priorities.

Knowing the site would be created using our custom built CMS, it was easy to decide on a more modular design direction. The modular layout not only brought a more modern look to the site, but also made for easier page creation and a more cohesive site overall.


This project was a great example of evolution versus revolution. In an industry such as healthcare with user types running the gamat and content holding critical information, there has to be a sense of familiarity that is retained.

Reasoning behind my, or the team's, decisions were heavily grounded in research and I believe the new online home of PinnacleHealth Systems is truly a huge step forward for healthcare websites.

With the old site lacking sufficiant analytics, especially for mobile use, the new and improved analytics added to the new site will allow us to keep iterating and making the site as useful and efficient as possible.


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